Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3)

25y.o. university librarian has been secretly attracted to her best friend of 9 months Hero but settles for their enjoyable friendship.

She knows that player Hero doesn’t do commitments and has many hook-ups. When she proposes a friends-with-benefits (FWB) arrangement, she clarified its sex-education purposes which both readily accepted. However, it surprises her when Hero spends more time with her and treats her more meaningfully. After 6 weeks of increasing closeness, however, he suddenly wants out. How does it affect their relationship?

Good overall. It was funny, cute, sexy, and angsty. We know more about heroine because the book is told from her POV(point of view). Her attraction seemed unrequited because Hero was harder to get to know. We gradually clued in to his mutual interest mostly via his nonverbal expressions, especially during their sexy times. It’s after he dumped her that it became obvious how greatly she affected him.** The angst of the book came from his realization of how much she meant to him, how he may have lost her forever because of how he hurt her, and the question of his ability to adequately love her the way she wants him to. His past has always had a huge hold on him and heroine wasn’t willing to settle for second best. He groveled for hurting her and she made him work for it, having learned to value herself more from their time together. He eventually convinced her that she was #1 in his heart. I only wished that the book honed in on their romance from the very start of the book. A little too much time was spent on the secondary characters and didn’t start focusing on the main romance until about 15% through.


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*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.