REVIEW: One Perfect Night by Bella Andre

Office manager heroine can’t stop thinking about the man she met on the ski slopes in Lake Tahoe a week ago.

She regrets walking away from their mutual attraction but she’s now back in Seattle and they didn’t exchange contact info. She’s realizing that her life will be monotonous if she doesn’t ever take risks. She goes to a bar & serendipitously sees software-company owner Hero there. Their connection is even stronger at second glance and he lets her know what he wants. Will she take a risk with him now or will she continue to let her past hurts rule her life?

59 pages of a romance! Andre pulled it off & made it believable with her intense Hero who knew what he wanted & didn’t hold back and an unsure heroine. Sure, they barely knew each other. But their nonverbal connection was powerful, magnetic, and clear. We get both of their POVs(point of views) so we know exactly what they’re thinking & feeling. What’s great was that Hero voiced his out and did something about it. I liked his self-assurance and stability. He’s lived life & was successful in his business. His family was solid & he knew he’d marry & have a family someday. He just hadn’t met the right woman yet until heroine. He just knew she was it in the first few minutes of watching her. What I really loved about him was that he backed up his words/thoughts with actions. He wasn’t going to just let her go forever. He planned on searching for her. He showed his devotion for her even though he didn’t even know her. It was what independent & strong-minded heroine was missing in her relationships. She needed someone who she could trust and match her in her inner strength. Hero’s mix of dominating persona with emotional vulnerability and honest in and out of bed was a good match for her.


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