REVIEW: Seen by Candlelight by ANne Mather

25y.o. textile designer is forced to talk to her ex-husband of 2 years Hero again, regarding her sister’s scandalous affair with his married brother, in order to keep a relationship with her mother.

Seeing him again since she left him 4 years ago is reigniting her attraction towards him. His reciprocating it makes it difficult to always remember that he’s about to get married to another woman soon and her resolution to have a life without him, as encouraged by her boss and friend. How temporary are their feelings for each other? What does it mean for their significant others?

Too bad this Mather book ended up being so mediocre. It had the material for excitement & drama, with heroine’s stalker-like boss-friend and Hero having a fiancé.** Heroine dismissed too many obvious and not-as-obvious events and motivations. It made her look dumb, whether she was in denial or just naïve. It also resulted in cushioning the dramatic events so they became boring to read. The lack of emotional engagement and distancing writing added to its lukewarm quality. It’s too bad really because Hero and heroine’s characters were interesting.

Mildly recommended.

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