REVIEW: This Time (Wounded Warrior, Book 2) by Kristin Leigh

26y.o. preschool teacher is hesitant about letting her ex-boyfriend Navy SEALs Hero get to know their 5y.o. daughter now.

He publicly abandoned her 5 ½ years ago when she told him she was pregnant and she hadn’t heard from him until now. He’s apologetic for what he did to her and wants to atone for his abandonment of her and their daughter. Her resistance crumbles away when faced with their strong mutual attraction to each other. But her mistrust that he may leave them again and his war trauma may prevent him from having a life with heroine and their daughter.

It looked like Hero groveled but it wasn’t sufficient nor was it due to his love for heroine. His groveling was out of convenience, his need for companionship now that he’s disabled and no longer part of his SEALS team, and his desire to have a relationship with their daughter. I didn’t at all see any of his groveling as having any roots in his love for her. She was the mother of his child and she was available and willing. She was a bonus with his daughter. She was a doormat for giving in to him so easily. And he was a selfish and passive man, who knew he did wrong but pushed it aside to seek his own pleasures at his convenience. Not my kind of Hero. This book was emotionally pulling and the writing was good. Too bad I didn’t like the romance, which still has a likelihood of an HEA(happy ever after). But not a healthy one if they don’t change for the better.

Limitedly recommended.

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