REVIEW: Before You Break by Christina Lee

Suicide-hotline worker feels a kinship with fellow college-student Hero who called the hotline anonymously due to having suicidal thoughts.

They unknowingly have the same circle of friends since Hero is her boyfriend’s frat brother. Hero and heroine personally connect one night and their relationship progresses quickly. But heroine still has a boyfriend and Hero secrets that prevent him from being in a committed relationship. How do they maneuver past their romance barriers? How do they react when they find out that Hero is the suicide caller & heroine the hotline help?

A good read. The suicide theme didn’t detract from the main romance. It was a point of similarity between Hero and heroine but it wasn’t the center of their romance. Hero and heroine had a strong mutual physical attraction. But it was their unexplainable connection that quickly drew them together. It shook them out of their current state of living: Hero with his self-blame & guilt and heroine with her dissatisfying relationship with her neglectful boyfriend. It made them consider taking risks while finding safety with each other. Their romance grew & the question of infidelity came up.** There are steamy scenes but, with Hero limiting their intimacy, their emotional connection was allowed to more fully develop. It went hand in hand with their character growth. Hero and heroine end up being better people at the end of the book.


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*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.