REVIEW: His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

Art-gallery associate feels her fiance, artist Hero, holding back since they got to Paris.

He's reluctant to tell her what's left of his past for fear that she won't understand and may leave him as a result. The call regarding his former lover forces him to reveal his past to her now. How shocking is it for her? Will it drive her away from him?

I had no clue this novella was the umpteenth book in Jones' Inside Out series. But I read it anyway. The summation of Hero and heroine's past history and the basic factors contributing to their current romance challenge were good enough to make me not feel lost. The best parts of the book were the sexy but loving sex scenes and the angst Hero felt before his secrets were revealed. However, when his secrets were finally revealed to heroine, it was anti-climatic. They mentioned already dealing with a similar secret of Hero's in a previous book that sounded much worse than the secrets revealed in this book.**


Moderately recommended.


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