REVIEW: The Most Expensive Lie of All by Michelle Conder

25y.o. veterinary student makes 32y.o.ex-polo player Hero sign a contract about him loaning her $10 million in exchange for 1 night of sex so he can't renege on it.

Desperation made her approach him for a loan since she only had 5 more days to buy the horse farm her deceased mother grew up in. As distasteful sex is for her, heroine agrees to ruthless businessman Hero's sex proposal. He wants vengeance for her seductive deception, which caused him to get booted out of the farm and end his flourishing polo career 8 years ago. But spending time together now changes both their previous views of each other. And confirming that their strong attraction in the past is still very much alive now. When heroine finds out about Hero's plan to buy out the farm from under her, her feelings for him is undermined. How can he win her trust back?


I enjoyed this Conder book. Strong characterization, great sexual tension, tender but hot sex scenes, and emotionally engaging. Hero and heroine start out with negative views about each other, based on their past history 8 years ago. The distant trajectory of where their views and feelings for each other were steadily closed as  the book unfolded. We saw them change as they realized certain things about themselves and each other. They grew closer as they shared their fears and motives and understood each other more. It was interesting to see Hero soften up to heroine as he found out the truth about really happened in the past.** His sensitivity to her sexual problems endeared him to me even more. I loved how he got her and did his best to make her feel loved and supported. It was a good character & romance journey.


Highly recommended.


**SPOILERS regarding the truth about their past are on my other blog ...