REVIEW: Some Like It WIld by M. Leighton

22y.o. paralegal gets another unexpected kiss from 26y.o. firefighter Hero 4 years later.

She's working to do an inventory at his family orchard but he's tempting her to break through her set life with him. But he makes it clear that anything between them is only temporary. Their affair though produces more than just fun and pleasure. The both sense it but Hero still won't let her in. What will it take to do so? And is it enough to make him make a commitment to her?


My 1st Leighton book and I liked it. It was emotionally evoking and had good characterization. It had its funny, sexy, and poignant moments. I felt like I got to know Hero and heroine pretty well from their alternating POV(point of view). They're both strong and caring people who were fine with who they were yet were realizing that some things were missing in their life. Especially when their affair ended. Hero was good at hiding his brokenness but it became clear that knowing about his past wasn't enough.** They both had to take risks to go after what they wanted from each other. And they were rewarded for them. I liked that it took some time for them to assess things, making their decisions seem more sound. I have a good feeling about their HEA(happy ever after).




*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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