REVIEW: P.S. You're Mine by Alexa Riley

24yo plus-sized teacher writes a pen-pal letter to stranger, 37yo Marine soldier Hero.

He uncharacteristically responds back as he's struck by her honesty & sweetnes & hoping she was single too. Thus begins their 1-year-long letter relationship. Each find themselves more intrigued & more in love with each other. However, he stops contacting her & her letters to him are returned. What happened to Hero?**

Lovely romance & steamy. Likable characters, with heroine showing some growth in her confidence & outlook in life. Hero is alpha-demanding & love his obsession with her, loving her curves & cookies and all. I'm not sure though if he was completely celibate during their whole correspondence. I assume so but I'd have liked it clearly expressed. I also didn't like the reveal of Hero's unfinished “P.S.” at the end of every letter.** Wish it wasn't spoiled from the get-go. Aside from that, it's a sigh-worthy romance. With some steamy sex scenes at the end.

**Click here for SPOILERS re: what Hero's unfinished “P.S.” meant & the book's ending.


PS... You're Mine - Alexa Riley