REVIEW: Playing with Dynamite by Leanne Banks

30yo caterer tries to resist getting back with demolitions-expert Hero, who she just broke up with because he didn't want to  ever get married.

Hero still wants to be with her but he has an irrational fear of marriage. However, seeing heroine actively dating with the purpose of marriage causes him to rethink things drastically. But, no matter how much he lays things out on the table for her emotionally, he still can't muster thinking about marriage to heroine without majorly panicking.  How long will she wait for him to ask?

Average. Good pace as Banks' usual. But plot was predictable & conflict wasn't angsty.  Maybe because Hero and heroine were in love and knew they wanted to be together for the long haul. Although Hero's commitment fears got in the way, he still worked at trying to get her back as soon as she broke up with him.**  So, most of the book is heroine trying to resist Hero while trying to date other men for marriage & family. The resolution was as expected. No surprises really. Sex scenes were somewhat descriptive and sexy  per other Banks' books.

Moderately recommended.

**Click here for SPOILERS re: how Hero tried to get heroine back.


Playing with Dynamite - Leanne Banks