REVIEW: A Savage Adoration by Penny Jordan

25yo heroine isn't happy to see 33yo doctor Hero, 8 years after he lambasted her for trying to seduce him.

His confusion at her cold attitude towards him turns into disdain, when he finds out that her married boss had given her special favors.  It makes working together on their village hospital committee & his frequent check-up on her recovering mother a trial. Their increasing tension blowup one night in uncontrollable passion. How much does that fix their misunderstandings?

Like this Jordan book for the most part. But didn't like the rushed ending.  Hero and heroine had lots of big misunderstandings that I don't think they resolved sufficiently at the end.**   Awesome sexual chemistry & 1 sex scene. Liked the unrequited love and second chance themes of 2 people who grew up together.  Issues of age and maturity were biggies.  An epilogue that should Hero and heroine a year or so later would've settled my questions about heroine's emotional maturity.


**SPOILERS re: what was lacking @ at the end are on my other review. Click here.


A Savage Adoration - Penny Jordan