REVIEW: Striking a Balance by Jennifer Bene

Office temp heroine now lives with the man who bought her from the sex-slave auction of her former trainer, the security guard who abducted her from work. She greatly appreciates the freedom her new Master gives her

but she's having a very difficult time enjoying it. In fact, she has major panic attacks, when they're out in public and  considering making social connections apart from her Master. It concerns him about their future together, since doesn't want a full-time submissive.  He also relays the messages of her former trainer's plea to buy her back from him and promises to take better care of her.  What will her Master decide about his future with heroine? How tempted is she to go back to her former trainer?

I could only manage to read 50% of the book before I started skimming the rest. There were some things in the book that turned me off.** The romance between heroine & her new Master was sweet & gentler than whatever she had going with her former trainer/Master.  But it couldn't overcome my disappointed expectations from book 1. Aside from their BDSM(bondage & discipline sadism & masochism)lifestyle, her panic attacks from her abduction trauma was also central. The unconventional treatment seemed to help her until she heard news of her Master's car accident. Cliffhanger ending.

**SPOILERS re: what turned me off this book are on my detailed blog review. Click here.


Striking a Balance (Thalia Book 2) (The Thalia Series) - Jennifer Bene