REVIEW: Salvaged by Love by Jennifer Bene

Former office-temp heroine is working all the more to heal & find a balance with her BDSM (bondage & discipline sadism & masochism) lifestyle with Hero, 

ever since his car accident. She wants to be with him forever & knows he won't tolerate her over-dependence on him for much longer. But being kidnapped again by her former trainer/Master and forced to be his submissive again challenge her new progress. Being with her former trainer again also allows her to unravel her mixed reactions to him and solidify her feelings for Hero. How does she get away from her abductor? How does this 2nd abduction impact her in the long run and affect her relationship with Hero?

I had high hopes that book 2 & 3 would provide a redemptive love for the horrors that heroine went through with her former trainer/Master in book 1. But not so.  Not even close. He ended up being just a sick villain with zero redemptive value in this book.**  The plot was predictable & I wasn't really interested in heroine's romance with Hero, who was a patient & generous dominant. I skimmed this book & DNF(did not finish)'ed it, after reading a repeat of the abuse heroine underwent with former trainer. I was repelled by this whole book series at that point. I skimmed to find out what happened to her former trainer/Master & the ending.**  Nothing surprising.

**SPOILERS re: what happens to her former trainer/Master are on my detailed blog review. Click here.


Salvaged by Love (Thalia Book 3) (The Thalia Series) - Jennifer Bene