REVIEW: Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice

28yo Washington state small town bookstore owner thinks 31yo

former Army officer Hero may be too good to be true. She agreed to let him board at her house on Christmas day, which has changed its meaning since the car accident that took away her beloved family 6 years ago. Hero becomes her lover soon, as well as a willing handyman and protector. Seeds of doubts about Hero creeps in, when he accidentally says something about her past that he should have no way of knowing and when an FB I agent shows her incriminating photos about Hero.

Loved the Hero but not the heroine. She was ok but didn't like her neediness. She's the kind of woman who needs a man to make her feel whole and good about herself. Their romance was good  because of Hero's obsessive love for her.**  Sex scenes were steamy. Four days worth of sex and romance and then the action-suspense becomes the centerpoint. Good chase scene & quick resolution. Heroine redeemed herself in my eyes, when she stood up for Hero even when the proof against him was huge.

Moderately recommended.

**SPOILERS re: extent of Hero's obsession with heroine is on my blog review. Click here.


Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice