REVIEW: Impulsive Attraction by Diana Hamilton

Sensible 28yo bank manager agrees to the blackmail demands of rakish

35yo sculptor Hero, despite the disapproval of her fiance and mother. Heroine will pose for him in return for him telling her how the night ended that night they met, when she passed out drunk in his cottage.  She's curious why he thinks she's beautiful and desirable, when everyone else thinks she's a plain-looking plus-sized Amazon.  It sets a change in her.  Hero demands more from her but his secretiveness about himself makes her hesitate.

Poignant and funny. Emotionally pulling.  Not a true 5-star but more like a 4.5-star because of some weaknesses in the book.**  Although Hero and heroine's romance was central, heroine's character development paralleled the progress of their relationship. We see her transform from a stick-in-a-mud & stern woman to a more carefree, colorful, and insightful one. The book is told from her POV (point of view), which provided much of the angst. We knew how she felt and what she thought but not much about Hero. Lots of sexual and emotional tension.  However, no sex scene. We get a good resolution at the end with a likely HEA(happy ever after). I liked that it exposed Hero's vulnerabilities re: heroine.


**SPOILERS re: Hero's secret identity & the book's weaknesses are blog review. Click here.


Impulsive Attraction - Diana Hamilton