REVIEW: One Night, Two Consequences by Joss Wood

27yo former firm CIO and current world traveler of the last 3 years finds herself pregnant from a 1-night-stand with 35yo hotel-restaurant-vineyard owner Hero.

She goes back to only inform him that she's pregnant and planned on going her own way. But a medical emergency makes her stay with him for the next few months. Hero wrestles with trying to convince her to stay & raise their kids with him as well as his devotion to his deceased wife of 5 years.

The writing bored me so I started skimming pages before I reached half of this Wood book. There were too many details about Hero, heroine, Hero's siblings, his business, and her career crammed in a HP (Harlequin Presents).  It lacked emotionality and left me indifferent to Hero and heroine and their future.  Hero's big secret re: his deceased wife didn't even  make me curious.** At least the sex scenes were not superfluous or as plentiful as the other more current HPs. In any case, the slow pace plus too much background info in this book lost me.

Minimally recommended.

**SPOILERS are on my detailed blog review. Click here.


One Night, Two Consequences - Joss Wood