REVIEW: Anything, Any Time, Any Place by Lucy Gordon

25yo virgin heroine never expected to marry 37yo entrepeneur Hero

soon after he saves her from marrying another man whom her brother was indebted to. She knew that his marrying her wasn't based on love. But she couldn't go through their wedding night, after she found out why he married her. Hero and heroine try to be discreet about their marital troubles but their family members aren't fooled. How long does their standoff last? Was that enough to fix things?

Predictable start with what I thought was (oh no!) another doormat heroine. But heroine & the story got better after 60%. People-pleasing heroine actually developed a backbone & kicked every parasitic character out of their house! The romance also took some unexpected turns, which highlighted the fact that their marriage blocks were caused by both Hero & heroine.** Having both their POVS(point of views) gave us an inside perspective of their fears & hopes. The end was satisfying. And cute per the matchmaking antics of this dad & her grandfather.


**SPOILERS are on my detailed blog review. Click here.

Anything Any Time Any Place (Silhouette Special Edition, #1227) - Lucy Gordon