REVIEW: Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

24y.o secretary new to New York City from small-town Arkansas agrees to travel to Europe as the temp assistant of her boss' viscount friend.

28y.o. archaeological-financier Hero is appalled at how inappropriate heroine is as his assistant while he fulfilling his social appearances as a royal family member in his European hometown, especially in the presence of his snobby and critical mother. He fights off his improper attraction to her but can't help caring when she feels hurt by his criticisms and appreciating her kindness to him and others. The discordance of his public versus private relationship with her doesn't settle well with her, especially when she finds out that he's keeping things from her. What future do they have together?

This is a progressive groveling book. There's no 1 big betrayal and no 1 big grovel. Instead we have Hero who unknowingly hurts heroine in little ways and tries to amend it throughout the book. Then, he does something again to hurt her in his cluelessly privileged way and is baffled at how he keeps doing this and how to show her that he cares for her. The groveling is progressive because he does learn and he ups his proof of affection/apology towards her.**  It's a funny and romantic book. Sexual chemisty is hot & so are the sex scenes. Good character development, especially Hero's. Liked that heroine wasn't a pushover and confronted him. She also didn't trust him easily just because he said he loved her and gave her orgasms.


**SPOILERS about Hero's grovel are on my blog. Click here.    
*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.