REVIEW: Come To Me Softly by A.L. Jackson

20y.o heroine takes back her 23y.o secret boyfriend Hero who left her without any contact the last 3 months.

Her pregnancy motivates him to be there for her even more and make a stable life with her. He, however, has to face her family, which stirs up the past he's trying so hard to push away.  What does he do when trouble comes? How much of his secrecy will she take?

In this sequel of Come To Me Quietly (my review), the main romance reached a point of stability, which was nice to see after all the angst of the first book. The poignancy was more in Hero's unresolved issues from his mother's death 7 years ago.   It was complicated by its connection to his and her family, who's reactions make it difficult for him to keep ignoring his past. Both Hero and heroine develop in this book, with heroine leading in the maturity progression. She was the backbone of their romance, which added this strength to her innate sweet and loving character.  I liked that heroine dared to confront him about hard things.**  The resolution was realistic and made for a believable HEA(happy ever after), which the epilogue gives us a good glimpse of.


**A pictorial review with SPOILERS is on my blog. Click here.