REVIEW: My Nights With Kate by M.T. Stone

22yo college senior didn't expect her internet request for a sugar daddy

to yield the famous fashion-merchandising guru she's had a crush on since childhood. 49yo CEO Hero not only wined her and dined her in luxury but also eagerly supported her career ambitions in the fashion industry. He also matched her sexual prowess and openness to sexual adventure. However, he seemed to be distancing himself away the more from her the more he made things happen for her career. Why is putting limits in their relationship?


This was a waste of time. And I felt fooled by the book synopses. It made it sound like it would be a good & sexy May-December romance, especially the part that described it as “A red hot affair (that) transforms into a beautiful love story”. It was neither good, sexy, or romantic. And, “love story”? Not even. The book description made it sound like the book was an erotic romance. It's NOT. It's purely erotica & it wasn't even good erotica. There was plenty of detailed sex scenes but it was too technical to evoke sensuality. It catalogued the life of about-to-retire 49yo Hero, which is now filling up with sexual adventure than ever before. His voice was the most real among all the other POVs (point of views). I'm actually convinced that the author of this book is an older male.** If the author is actually a female, then the author writes male gerontology better than female young adulthood. Except for the archaic endearments 49yo Hero used for heroine. It made him sound more like a 70-year-old than a 49-year-old American male. Emotional pull of this book was severely lacking. Pages were spent more on business & luxury items than on character and romance development. I got bored & didn't want to waste any more time so I skimmed the last half. Turned out it was the best idea.


Not recommended.


**My explanation of why I believe this author is an older man is here.