REVIEW: His Unlikely Lover by Natasha Anders

26 y.o auto-mechanic heroine agrees to a secret affair with her best friend, 31yo CEO Hero.

She's been in love with him for years but he is now just returning her attraction, after she drunkenly kissed him on the dance floor. She agreed to rules he set for their affair. When the affair goes on, she realizes that she's not happy being his dirty little secret. While Hero isn't happy that she's sticking to his ground rules. With their friends and families close by, time and opportunity force their affair to become public. What do they do?


I was enjoying this best-friends-to-lovers book a lot at first but I ended up being disappointed with it. What was exciting, funny, and angsty at first became predictable, sappy, and bland later on. The writing in the first 60% of the book seemed different than the last 40%. There was a change in the emotional and sexual tone of the book as well as the flow and quality of the writing, which started when Hero publicly did something towards heroine.** Both main characters were likable people who were blind and confused at different points in their secret affair. They struggled with their opposing needs and wants and balancing their friendship with their affair. Hero did hurt heroine but he did make it up to her to a degree. I'm still not sure about his resistance to falling in love with her. It wasn't consistent with his actions and it made me question its depth. I did believe that their love by the end was mutual and their HEA(happy ever after) was possible.


Moderately recommended.


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