REVIEW: Perfect Kind of Trouble by Chelsea Fine

21y.o newly-unemployed heroine goes back to her hometown to attend her estranged father's funeral.

Her anger towards her father increased when she's made aware of his requirement that she be handcuffed to their former yard-boy & the town's “Woman Whisperer”, 21y.o. Hero, to find whatever inheritance he left her. Their enmity soon changes when they find out some truths about each other. After they finally get intimate, Hero does something to reject her. How can she trust him after that?


I liked the forced closeness due to being handcuffed plot device. The 4-5 days it took for their romance would've taken a lot longer or maybe even never, if it wasn't for that. Hero and heroine had nothing good to say about each other except for their physical attractiveness. Their judgments of each other were based on rumors of both of their scandalous families. I usually don't find a few days change from enemies to lovers believable but this 1 was. These 2 confronted and talked to each other and that paved the way for a realistic change in their views and feelings for each other. I also liked how they were written as seemingly very different but, when getting to know each other, they find themselves much more alike than not. The angst came from heroine finding out the truth about her father.** Sexual chemistry was good and their humor and honesty added to it. Sex scenes were detailed and it showed their emotional connection. The resolution to their romance problem was fairly quick yet sound. Likely HEA(happy ever after).




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