REVIEW: Wednesday Nights with Jamie by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

34y.o heroine has the secret hots for her 30+y.o boss Hero and spends Wednesday nights elaborately fantasizing about him.

She doesn't even consider him returning her attraction because he's her boss, she's plus-sized, and she's only seen him with Black women. A chance opportunity has them spend some time alone and that started their secret romance. When they became public about their romance, trouble came more from their families than their co-workers. How do they deal with their opposition?


This Dobbs book may be erotic but it primarily highlighted the emotional connection of the main characters, especially in light of the opposition of their interracial romance. I liked how Hero and heroine openly dealt with the issues facing them with humor and practicality. They were honest about the newness of dating someone from another race and the excitement that comes from that. We see both of them become stronger from having to face their family's opposition during their 4 months together.** This story was sexy, serious, and had some funny and sappy moments.




**SPOILERS about how they faced their family's opposition are on my blog. Click here