REVIEW: Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

19y.o. college student settles for the hot-water sniping she and 20y.o. college-quarterback-turned-inn-handyman Hero have daily

than the awkward silence of avoiding what happened between them 13 months ago. She has to live next door to him at the inn since she's working there herself for the summer. As much as they avoid talking about the past, their sexual and emotional tension worsens. When they're confronted with the past, however, they both have to make a choice whether they continue running away from it or start facing it.


A good 1st read from Fine. I liked the nonverbal display of Hero and heroine's unspoken emotions. It went well with their alternating first-person POV(point of view). Heroine's POV about denying her responses to Hero were humorous at times. But there's also a lot of angst from their shared pain and shared avoidance of talking about their painful past.** Their dancing around their huge issue would've been frustrating if it weren't for their fairly young ages. At ages 20 and 19, Hero and heroine responded to their pain immaturely by pushing it away and not talking about it at all when they could. Their lack of social support helped explain their avoidance of dealing with the issue for a whole year. When they finally begin touching on the past, it took time to get to the point of talking openly about all of it and being able to heal together. The sexual tension was good and lenghty. I would've liked maybe 1 or 2 more sex scenes to satisfy more fully all that previous sexual tension.



**SPOILERS about their angsty past are on my blog. Click here.