Do or Die by Suzanne Brockmann

20-something lawyer resists being fired by ex-Navy-SEAL-turned-jewel-thief Hero who she's been sent to represent on her 1st week at the law firm.

30-something Hero has been waiting patiently in prison for 18 months for the completion of the deal he struck with a notorious mafia. He wasn't happy to be freed prematurely by a US government agency in exchange for his security knowledge of a Middle Eastern consulate, where 2 kids are currently being held hostage. His concern for the safety of his brother and his family makes him abduct heroine and her car. Heroine won't let Hero dissuade her from his plans to protect his brother and help save the hostaged kids. Their time together increases their intimacy but their priority is the immediate danger surrounding them. This, however, changes when their protect and rescue plans go awry and heroine's life is endangered.

This book was difficult to read. It was 400+ pages that read more like an action tv-series script. Multiple-pages worth of frame by frame description of the characters' actions and their POV(point of view) about everyday details that took away from the focus of the main romance and main action-suspense plot. The action-suspense plot by itself had lots of factors and people/groups involved. It would have been more exciting if it wasn't bogged down by so much. There were also multiple secondary characters, secondary romances, and two primary romances. When I wasn't bored by this long-winded book, I felt manipulated by how the main romance between Hero and heroine got switched with the romance of Hero's brother and his partner. By about 50% of the book, the main romance became that of Hero's brother. Hero and heroine played the supporting role and became 1 of the secondary romances. I didn't like this switch and how I felt manipulated by it. The book blurb doesn't even mention Hero's brother or another romance in it. But the book was truly centered on Hero's brother and his forbidden romance with his partner.**

Scarcely recommended.

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